Operations Management Informer®

HP Operations Manager for Windows and UNIX have revolutionized the way that businesses manage and synchronize their heterogeneous IT operations.

However, the product lacks a flexible, web-based reporting interface. Instead users must depend on the Operations Manager administrator to generate reports, which are limited and often lacking because they only display alert information in the history browser. Furthermore, this information is archived after a few days and then certain attributes are subsequently discarded.

Fortunately, Operations Management Informer is a self-service, web-based reporting interface that allows clients to retrieve historical alert information, based upon multiple attributes within a HP Operations Manager alert, as far back as is needed (or as storage or retention policies allow). This functionality is referred to as the .Message History Query.. The overall reporting interface is customizable and also comes with canned reports for: Message Trend by Severity, Trouble-Ticket Information for Alerts, and High Duplicate Count.

Another bonus is that the product does not require HP Operations Manager to be running in a data warehouse mode and is especially convenient in a heavily-regulated environment where retrieval of alerts is essential in incident and problem management activities.

Created by the Dynamic Consulting Group and released in June 2007, the Operations Management Informer user-interface is simple and intuitive, ensuring a short learning curve for users and rapid integration with your HP Operations Manager environment.


Operations Management Informer is a read-only web interface that allows users to partake in "self-service" report generation.
Allows HP Operations Manager administrators to focus on primary work tasks such as configuring and deploying monitoring policies
The viewing or report generation capability is available to all users interested in alert history, especially convenient in support of service, problem and incident management activities


The reporting interface comes with canned reports for:
Message Trend by Severity, Message Search Report, and High Duplicate Count.


  • Easily report on alert attributes
  • Export output to Excel
  • Simple, easy to understand user interface
  • No password management
  • No Operations Manager browser or client
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Removes reporting duties from HP Operations Manager Administrators and places it into the hands of users
  • The report output supports problem and incident management activities


HP Operations Manager for UNIX 7.x, 8.x or 9.x
HP Operations Manager for Windows 7.x or 8.x
IE 6 or higher and Mozilla browser support for viewing
Additional tablespace created and utilized in the .Openview. instance (for implementation on OMU server)
Additional database created and utilized on SQL2005, with Reporter Service configured (for implementation on OMW server)

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