Implementation Of "Best-Of-Breed" And Custom Solutions

Whether following an official assessment or through a review and presentation of your operations management needs, DCG has the ability to propose and execute the implementation and integration of any of the Operations Management® suite of products, and associated HP partner-integration solutions.

In addition to assessments, implementations and daily-maintenance of the Operations Management® suite of products, DCG offers three affordable software products which compliment the HP Operations Management solutions.

Created by DCG and released in mid-2007, each solution improves the efficiency of your current Operations Management staff by introducing self- service capability to your clients. All three solutions are powerful, yet simple and intuitive, ensuring a short learning curve and rapid integration with your business’s existing IT systems.


Suppression Manager is a self-service, lightweight, web-based tool which is customizable and allows authorized users to quickly and easily schedule immediate and future message suppressions within the Operations Manager environment.

This unique and innovative solution allows operators to focus on the timely escalation and resolution of valid operations alerts by reducing the overall volume of messages that can appear in the Operations Manager browser.


Informer is a self-service, lightweight, web-based tool which allows clients to retrieve historical alert information, based upon any attribute within a HP Operations Manager alert, as far back as is needed (as your storage or retention policies allow).

The product does not require Operations Manager to be running in a data warehouse mode and is especially convenient in a heavily-regulated environment where retrieval of alerts is essential in incident and problem management activities.


Connector is a notification tool that integrates with HP Network Node Manager and HP Operations Manager. Connector has an edge on the competition because it allows authorized clients to configure flexible and accurate alert notification based upon numerous attributes within a typical alert. It also contains a built-in syntax checker that enables a user to write and test notification rules easily.

The product supports multiple operating system platforms, protocols and communication vehicles. It is highly economical and effective for enterprise use or within isolated environments, such as manufacturing network architectures, to reliably route alert notifications.

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