Operations Management Assessments

IT professionals are challenged with managing their systems and networks at peak performance, requiring immediate resolution, evolving regulatory and compliance demands, and increasing security pressures. The key to maintaining peak systems availability, security and productivity is having Operations Management tools to detect changing conditions and critical events.

An audit of your current Operations Management environment can identify possible infrastructure deficiencies, process improvements and cost savings.

Our high-value assessments are aligned with strategic industry trends, technology-enabled to lower cost and risk, and flexible to meet your specialized needs.

DCG can help you answer the questions:
Where are we now?” “Where do we want to get to?” “How do we get there?”

What is it?

The Operations Management Assessment is a fixed price engagement that analyzes the IT monitoring infrastructure and delivers recommendations on how the Operations Management® suite of products, and associated HP partner-integration solutions, can increase your quality of service and decrease the total cost of ownership.

What does it do?

The assessment analyzes key monitoring utilization areas such as network, operating systems, databases, applications, web components, storage, backup, batch jobs, and more.

It also reports on the monitoring solution infrastructure and agent technology in terms of configuration, performance, tuning, and management for failover, disaster recovery, redundancy, consolidation, deployment and various integration points such as notification engines, trouble ticketing systems and other multi- vendor, mid-level management systems.

Lastly, it identifies gaps between internal operations-related process flows and controls, and industry best practices.

What is the benefit?

An optimal, integrated Operations Management system can help to stream-line operations-related processes which can reduce system downtime, increase application availability, enable automation of repeatable corrective actions, improve personnel escalation accuracy, automate helpdesk ticketing and more. Thus, the end result being the reduction in the cost of providing the IT services and an increase in the quality of services offered.

The assessment service can further identify component/modular improvements that enable you to implement what you need at your own pace.

The short duration assessment service will give you a roadmap detailing where you are today and recommend where you need to be in the future. The future recommended strategy will illustrate how different integration points of Operations Management can reduce your total cost of ownership. This will enable you to make an informed decision on how to proceed!

What is the scope?

More complex environments may require additional time. One senior consultant with Operations Management® experience will perform the work at your site and remotely, manage all stages of the engagement, provide knowledge transfer and complete the assessment documentation.


The assessment initiative will rely on having access to the personnel responsible for the current monitoring infrastructure. It is imperative that these individuals and others such as the IT staff, project sponsor and assessment manager, be involved in the planning phases and available for information and assistance in later phases.


  • Environment Current State and Recommended Future State
  • Best Practices Methodology
  • Strategy Roadmap
  • Knowledge Transfer – Includes review of assessment findings and recommendations for additional training in order to ensure full operational efficiency for the Operations Management system.

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